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About Joel Weldon

Imagine you’re twenty-six years old, shy, no formal education, earning $62 per week as a carpenter. You’re persuaded to quit your job and sell encyclopedias door-to-door. After four months, you’ve made 1200 cold calls and only one sale, $48 in commission. Your manager says you’re the worst salesman he’s ever hired! Would you quit? Or figure it out? You decide to figure out a creative selling approach that no one has ever used before. By year’s end, you’re number one out of 1100 other salespeople. You get promoted to manager and run your first meeting. An older salesmen says, ‘This was the worst meeting I’ve ever attended. You’re the worst speaker I’ve ever heard!” That’s exactly what happened to Joel. Again, he figured it out. Ten years later that shy carpenter had become a professional speaker, was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, and was earning over a million dollars a year speaking. Again, Joel figured it out and created speaking techniques no other speaker used. Now forty-five years later, Joel has been paid to speak at over 3,000 events, has coached or critiqued over 10,000 speakers, and is the creator of Joel Weldon’s Ultimate Speaking System for entrepreneurs on how to use speaking to grow their business and position themselves as experts at live events, webinars, videos, and podcasts. Joel’s clients refer to him as their secret weapon for creating powerful presentations. Joel and Judy have been married since 1963, have two daughters and four grandkids. Joel and Judy are avid slalom water skiers, sky skiers, and wake surfers. They enjoy their houseboat at Lake Powell in Utah.

Entrepreneurs & Speakers Who Use the Ultimate Speaking System

Hear what they have to say about their investment

  • Dan Sullivan

    Founder & CEO of
    Strategic Coach

  • John Bowen

    Founder & CEO of
    CEG Worldwide, Inc.

  • Brian Tracy

    Hall of Fame
    Speaker & Author

  • Sumer Felix

    Co-Founder of The Draw Shop & Entrepreneur

  • Mike Koenigs

    Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

  • Liz Herrera

    Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

  • Robert Bennett

    Financial Advisor

  • Dr. Ben Hardy

    Entrepreneur & Author

  • Rachel Passey

    Student & Entrepreneur

  • Joe Polish

    Founder of Genius Network

  • Brian Kurtz

    Marketing Executive & Entrepreneur



  • Does the Ultimate Speaking System Include Quick Start?

    Yes it does! All courses include the Quick Start Course.

  • If I buy Quick Start can I get a discount on the Ultimate Speaking System?

    Yes! If you purchase the Quick Start program and want to upgrade to the Ultimate Speaking System or One-on-One Coaching your price will be reduced by the price of the Quick Start Program.

  • Do I pay for these as a subscription or one time payment?

    Payments for any course are made as a one-time investment or can be split into 3 payments.

  • Does my membership expire?

    No! Investment in any course comes with a lifetime membership.

  • Do I need to live near Joel to have One-on-One Coaching?

    No. One-on-One Coaching provided by Joel or one of our certified speaking coaches is done over the phone or by videoconference on your timetable.

  • Do I have to use my 8 hours of coaching within a certain time table?

    Your 8 hours of coaching never expire. Use the time when it makes sense for you.